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It wasn’t my child who needed to change their behaviors it was my thinking that needed to change.❤️❤️ That’s what I realized all those years ago. It was a 🖐 full-stop moment. 👉 What if we believed that our kid’s behaviors weren’t good or bad? 👉 What if we didn’t see their actions as good […]

My thinking needed a change…

When I thought my kids should always do the right thing, and I punished them when they didn’t. I accidentally created a belief that perfectionism was possible and the goal. 💔 My kids started believing they couldn’t live up to my standards and thought I wanted them to be perfect. When they couldn’t live up […]

Punishments don’t teach what we think they’re teaching

When you don’t stay calm when your kiddos start fighting, making messes, or having melt-downs it’s not your fault. ❤️❤️❤️ 👉 You are fighting against what our society believes about parenting. Society tends to believe our kid’s SHOULDN’T HAVE EMOTIONAL MELT-DOWNS OR OFF-TRACK BEHAVIOR. So when our child has a melt-down, talks back, or ignores […]

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

What attributes do you want your child to have when they’re grown? Without exception when I ask this question I get these kinds of responses… 👉 Kind 👉 Motivated 👉 Empathetic 👉 Compassionate 👉 Passionate 👉 Driven 👉 Service-Oriented 👉 Focused 👉 Loving So…how do we help our kids develop these traits when we use […]

Your Child’s Attributes

Listening👂 is a parenting superpower. 💥 When our child… >> messes up >> tell us about their hard day >> complains about homework >> is sad because of what a friend said to them >> doesn’t want to do their chores >> is mad because we said no We often want to jump right in […]

On Listening

Backtalk is developmentally normal. 🧠 We call it a lot of things…backtalk, pushback, being sassy, etc… It doesn’t feel good in the moment…but it’s part of growing up. Kids need space to find their voice and need to learn how to disagree if they don’t like what’s going on. We want them to learn to […]

Backtalk is Normal

What if we could completely change… >> What IT MEANS when our child says “NO” AND >> What WE DO when a child says “NO”? We can! For me, it started with this question. 👉 “What if I don’t engage in the battle when my child pushes back?” I tried that out for a while […]

Redefine No

What if instead of thinking our goal was to calm our kids down when they get upset OUR GOAL was to ❤️ CALM OURSELVES DOWN and ALLOW THEM TO BE 😢 UPSET? How does that make you feel? It used to make me feel SUPER NERVOUS. 😬 I didn’t like the idea of someone hurting, […]

Allow the Tantrums

“What do I do when this happens? 👉 siblings start fighting 👉 bedtime turns into chaos 👉 my toddler empties all the cupboards 👉 the house is a mess 👉 the chores didn’t get done 👉 my kids are ignoring me 👉 the homework isn’t getting finished What we’re essentially asking is… “How can I […]

What do I do when…

Our kids aren’t changed because we worry about them, they are changed by our belief in them. The human imagination is incredible. It’s a human superpower. Think of all the things humans have made. All of them started with an idea in someone’s imagination. They thought of something. Then created it! Cars, running water, air […]

Worry doesn’t change things

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• My top go to recommendations when the kids aren’t listening.

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