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I help moms move from Corrective Parenting to Connective Parenting. 

This is the day! Y’ALL. It’s open! My much-requested, drooled-over, fast-results getting, Connect Method Parenting group, Tribe is available for you. The doors are now OPEN! You’ll be walking on air when you parent after joining Tribe. Tribe is going to help you feel… Powerfully Persuasive (your kids are gonna WANT to listen) Magnetically Connected (create awesome relationships with your children) FUN […]

LET’S GO! Connect Method Parenting Group is open!

When it’s all said and done I want my child’s heart NOT just their obedience. I want my children to know I deeply love them, and I want to be deeply loved by my children. I want a relationship with a human, not a well-trained animal. I want to understand my children on a deep level. […]

I want my child’s heart NOT just their obedience

BIG tantrums are an opportunity for BIG CONNECTION. When I became a mom I believed a tantrum was. Evidence my child was purposefully being difficult. The result of me not being a good parent. A belief that something had gone wrong snd I needed to fix it. But then I began to realize there were […]

Big Tantrums = BIG Connection

Say yes to life being hard. It’s ok. It’s ok if you haven’t been the perfect parent. You’re simply a human. It’s ok if you didn’t have perfect parents. They were humans. Still are. It’s ok if you don’t have a perfect body. Not sure that even matters, at all! It’s ok if you have […]

Say YES to hard

I WANT my kids to listen better!! I WANT dreamy relationships with my kiddos. I WANT to stop feeling out of control. I WANT to be more patient and stop yelling!! These were just a few things I wanted as a parent 20+ years ago. But for years I couldn’t figure out how to do […]

Solve the Connection Problem

Don’t teach them how to be caring, SHOW them how to be caring. Being a parent is serious business right?! We want to get it right. That’s why it’s easy to start obsessing, worrying, and getting anxious about our kid’s behavior. They need to learn to be kind, responsible, motivated, compassionate, determined, a hard worker, […]

SHOW don’t teach

Have you ever considered responding with play instead of responding with correction? It’s not always the right choice, but sometimes when things are getting unmanageable, behaviors are unacceptable, or you feel totally stuck in your situation you can use play to turn it around. Here’s how it might look… Your child says something like, “I […]

Sometimes all the need is PLAY!

Why do we think that some humans are better than other humans? Think about it. It’s a typical garbage belief humans have. Believing that other people are better than us. Believing that other humans are worse than us. We do it with ourself and we do it with our kids. Ranking people hurts you. Believing […]

Betterness Ladder

If you’re feeling terrified, upset, disappointed, or frustrated…open up to those emotions. STOP trying to STOP feeling them. We make this mistake all the time. We don’t want to feel terrified, upset, disappointed, or frustrated so we resist, ignore, avoid feeling. The secret is to open up to it…feel it, allow it, accept it. Let […]

Feeling those Emotions!!!

It’s so easy for us moms to start envisioning and entertaining the worst-case scenario when it comes to our child when they talk back, don’t listen, or seem disrespectful. But what if we didn’t indulge in the awfulness of that vision we’re dreaming up about our kiddos and we got curious instead? Instead of creating […]

Worst-Case Scenario Thinking

• The hidden factors that are preventing you from making it easier for them to listen to you.

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• My top go to recommendations when the kids aren’t listening.

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