In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…

I graduated college with my nursing degree and got married in 1997. In 1999 I had a sweet baby boy and eight years later I had six kiddos. I stepped away from nursing to be a full time mom and felt like a failure.  

I hated yelling and never feeling like the kids were listening. I’d tried all the traditional parenting tactics i.e. consequences and rewards, and they didn’t work.  

I threw in the towel and went on a serious quest to find a different way.

Connect Method Parenting was the result

I know all about what you’re going through. 

When I started parenting I all I knew was corrective parenting too!  I thought discipline was the essence of parenting.

A Passionate Connect Method Parenting Coach...
I see you.

Hey! I'm Andee!

Parenting is Waaaay harder than you thought.

...and you're feeling stuck


You're a mom...

You're willing to do the hard work, but it feels like an uphill battle.

Nothing you’ve tried has worked.

I totally get it!  

No matter what I did… 

…my old habit of losing my mind when:

>>the house was messy
>> the kids wouldn’t go to bed
>> I felt like I was the only one who helped around the house
>>the kids told me 'no'

— stayed firmly in place.

It was like a weed I couldn’t kill. 

I tried sooo hard to be patient, kind, compassionate, and caring.

I had blips of success…but nothing that lasted for long.

Now I can see what I was missing.  


Responding to whatever comes up with my kids with connection. 

But now I know and, figuring out how to parent by connection, not correction is only hard because no one has taught you how yet. You’ve got this! Let me show you how!!

i'm holding a three-day workshop to introduce moms to connect method parenting! 

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August 30 - July 1