teaching amazing moms how to use Connect method parenting.

I’m here to challenge traditional parenting models. Show you how CONNECTION (not correction) is all you need to set a limit. Empower you with confidence so nothing your kids do throws you off. Help you cultivate dreamy relationships with your kiddos. AND have loads of fun along the way!

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hey i'm andee!

I get excited easily and love making you laugh as we work together on your journey from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and discouraged to becoming a calm, connected, confident mom.

I’m honest 100% of the time. (I don’t want you to stay stuck in corrective parenting!)

I’m a mom of 6, reformed yeller, recovering perfectionist & control freak TURNED Connect Method Parenting Coach.

I’m here to teach you connection based parenting, blow your mind with actionable connective tools, and help you create the dream with your kids so they can fulfill their potential and you can feel amazing. 

Where are you with your parenting?

I honestly wonder if they are deaf to my voice. I hate asking 20 times for them to do something. It’s driving me crazy!!

I need help getting the kids to listen better.

It feels awful and the look in my kids eyes when I do it makes me shutter. I’ve tried breathing, repeating the mantra “I will not yell” over and over again, given meditation a try and nothing’s worked!

I want to stop yelling.

I feel like I must have messed things up. I wanted to create a dreamy relationship I wanted with my kids, but I feel like we are constantly at odds. I’m discourage and don’t know how to turn things around. 

I feel discouraged and disconnected as a mom.

I’ve tried everything, and I can't figure out what to do when!

The kids are fighting with each other...Help!

"I have tried countless programs over the years and connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact"

I have tried countless programs over the years and while many have worked for a short period of time, connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact. I can always gage how well I'm doing by implementing connection based on my son's behavior. I am so impressed with Andee's core lessons and feel they really help keep me focused.

- Mary Jordan

- Rebecca B

"Working with Andee has been the most freeing work I have ever done. She has taken every parenting book I have ever read and created a program loaded with simple steps and tools that are usable and doable. It's fun and it works! "

"The most freeing work I've ever done... simple and fun."

1:1 Coaching


Tribe is the Connect Method Parenting Group Program. Learn how to stop yelling and get your kids to WANT to listen using the power of connection.  

If you'd rather work with me privately. Apply below to see if it's a good fit. 

I work with moms two different ways...

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