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Ready to start your transformation?

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"This seriously has changed my heart and my brain!"

“This seriously has changed my heart and my brain! Can’t imagine where I’d be without it! So worth it!” 
 -AnnMarie Norton

I was feeling out of control and fast moving away from the mother I wanted to be or felt I really was.
So in short Andee helped me to find my family, and myself again, restore some sanity and start to enjoy being a mum and see my family thrive again. And my 8 year old is blossoming and maturing before very eyes. It’s incredible.

What Andee has given to my family is priceless - and yet the simple strategies are easily implementable and require a small investment compared to the huge returns.

I won’t reveal all her secrets but my favourites are ‘Special Time’ and ‘Six Minutes That Matters’
I loved the Connective vs Corrective Parenting Challenge - so much value it should be paid for!
And I also believe it is a practice, keeping it up requires daily focus, which is why having Andee on hand as a coach is vital, what she knows and can do for families is simply game changing.
I would highly recommend working with Andee and taking part in the challenge. I’m so glad I followed my hunch to do so and didn’t wait until it’s too late and I would regret it." 

 -Lucie Bradbury
  Mum of 3 spirited and delightful 10, 9 and 6 year olds.

"At the time of coming across Andee’s work and the ‘Connect Method’, I was really struggling with my 8 year son, following the divorce from his Dad, we were really estranged and his emotions and behaviour were running wild.

My first response was to want to solve it, to try to fix him but something told me that wasn’t the way to go.

I also had 2 other young children who I knew weren’t getting the attention they needed either.

"Andee helped me find my family and myself and start to enjoy being a mum."

“Andee is incredible. She's an amazing coach who is passionate about this work and her clients. Her vibrant and positive countenance just draws you in and creates an atmosphere perfect for learning and for growth. I have learned so much from her!”

 -Hannah Coles

"Andee is incredible... I have learned so much from her!"

"The most freeing work I've ever done... simple and fun."

"Working with Andee has been the most freeing work I have ever done. She has taken every parenting book I have ever read and created a program loaded with simple steps and tools that are usable and doable. It's fun and it works! " 

 -Rebecca Blackburn

“Connection is counterintuitive to our culture and therefore can be a challenge to implement. It was for me and still is from time to time. However it was the only thing that "worked" with my child when I really made the effort to focus on connection rather than correction.

 I have tried countless programs over the years and while many have worked for a short period of time, connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact.  I can always gage how well I'm doing by implementing connection based on my son's behavior.

 I am so impressed with Andee's core lessons and feel they really help keep me focused. Coaching with Andee was the icing on the cake. Being able to take specific situations and break them down and find solutions really helped me keep the main goal - connection- at the forefront of my efforts.

 Parenting is like a sport... if you want to get better it takes time and practice which is why her program is so helpful. It's like having your own personal coach to help you improve and be the kind of parent you know and want to be.

 Connection can be more difficult but the outcome is worth the energy. I learned I would rather put more energy into connection rather than correction - because let's face it both take energy but connection is so much more fulfilling and less draining. ”

 -Mary Jordan

"I have tried countless programs over the years and connection is the one that has made the longest lasting impact"

"It's like having your own personal coach to help you improve and be the kind of parent you want to be."

"This has helped me tremendously!"

This has helped me tremendously!

It rearranged my thinking, communication style, taught so much love and acceptance towards my not so easy to parent children as well as myself.

The Connect Method is an excellent resource in any stage of parenting.

I’m also in awe of how well it is assembled! Information is easy to follow in app format, live calls, opportunities for one-on-one coaching, daily check ins, even yoga sessions for self care.

Andee is a very talented, knowledgeable and resourceful coach. Thank you for all you do!

 -Laura P. 
  Nantucket, Ma

The problems that torment moms everywhere...

After coaching thousands of moms and learning what their biggest parenting challenges are, I have a pretty good sense of the things you may be struggling with.

This picture shows some of the common words that moms use to describe to me what’s not working

And here are quotes from real moms talking about their biggest parenting challenges:

(Do any of these sound familiar?)

My kids won't listen

"Getting the kids to listen"
"They don't listen. It causes big fights"
"Getting my child to obey me the first time "
"My son doesn't listen or follows the rules"

I'm not patient enough and I lose my temper

"I get easily upset for little things"
"Taking stress out on the kids"
"I have no patience, I lose my temper and don't know how to handle my children's emotional melt downs"
"Getting frustrated when my kids don't listen, get along, or pick up!"

I'm tired of yelling

"No one listens until I yell. And I don't like to yell."
"Getting my kids to listen without screaming at them"
"Shouting when I need to be calm"
"Always repeating myself over and over and I start to yell the more I repeat myself."

We have too many power struggles

"Power struggles with my daughter"
"The power struggles. Getting my son to do what he needs to do when I ask him"
"Defiant behavior"
"Headstrong child"

I'm not connecting with my kids

"Can't connect with my daughter"
"Connecting with my kids. Letting loose & having fun."
"Fear of not having a strong loving lasting relationship with my family because of me
"Taking a time to hang out with them like they need"
"Relating to my daughter.... being able to bond with her on her level"

I don't know the best way to discipline

"How to handle flat out disobedience, because time out and spanking doesn't seem to be working!"
"Discipline and staying firm with it."
"Disciplining my boys without yelling or giving a spanking."
"Effective connective discipline"
"Guilt parenting and little to no discipline"

My kids won't clean up messes

"The Messes and getting irritated"
"Getting kids to pick up after themselves."
"Getting him to clean up his room"
"Don't like messes and disorganization"
"Getting them to clean their room."

Do you struggle with any of these challenges?

More importantly... can you imagine a day where you do NOT struggle with these challenges the way you do today?

Can you imagine yourself in this place where you are patient, understanding and completely in control?

Can you believe that you’d be filled with self confidence and armed with the tools and skills to create your dream relationship with your kids? 

Can you see the day when one of your kids wakes up with that cranky attitude or tells you “no!” or hits their sibling and you’re able to take it all in and deal with it (without losing your temper or losing a connection with your child)?

What would that mean for you in your life?

How would it change things for you?

I want to help you create these results for yourself! 
(so I created TML Tribe)

I created This Momma Life Tribe (TML Tribe for short) as part of my mission to empower moms to transform themselves and their families. 

It’s designed for moms who are ready to be “unstuck” in their lives and who want to be surrounded by like-minded women who are going through the same transformation.

TML Tribe is where I have put all of the knowledge and experience I’ve gained working with thousands of moms and I deliver it to you in a simple, consumable format that will change your world.

My Parenting Method
The core of TML Tribe is The Connect Method™, which is a complete framework for parenting I’ve developed after years of study, practice and teaching & coaching thousands of moms. It helps mom move from Corrective to Connective parenting.

I believe that Connective Parenting is the answer to help moms get the results they want in their family. It's the key to changing behavior in your kids. It's the key to true connection with them that will last a lifetime. And it's the key to enjoying being a mom.

We have grown up believing that correction is at the core of parenting. That to parent our children, we need to point out what's wrong, give a consequence or dangle a reward.

I call this Corrective Parenting.

Grandma taught it to mom and dad. Mom and dad taught it to us and now we're all in the process of teaching it to our kids. It seems like the only way to be a great parent is to jump on the bandwagon and master corrective parenting. 

That's what I used to think. So well-intentioned moms all over the planet wake up every single day to fight the behavior battle with the only tools that they've been taught to use, rewards and punishments.

And while there may be temporary victories along the way, most moms (when they're honest), admit that the true consistent connection that they crave all too often fills just out of reach. 

Mom's also tell me they are so tired of feeling like the only way they can get their kids to listen is to yell or ask over and over again. 

Corrective parenting is not working, and it never will.

What does the Connect Method™ Include?

There are a few key ingredients:

First, The STEAR Model™. This model is a self-coaching framework I'll teach you so you can  identify the root of any problem you have… and how to create better results. I usually spend my time helping moms with parenting-specific challenges, but this model is amazing and can help you in every aspect of your life.

Plus, it's got so many layers of value that a beginner can use it and it’s still the tool I use on a daily basis!

I've also created the 5 Key Pillars of the Connect Method which help you understand everything you need to know to move from Corrective to Connective parenting. 

For each of the pillars I have created powerful content to teach and train you (and to untrain you!). I also have created step-by-step guides and sticky tools that will make implementing this be as simple as possible. 

These core principles will challenge many of the assumptions you may have about parenting and about life. They are the essence of the transformation and I'm excited to share them with you.

Here’s how TML Tribe works:

TML Tribe is an ongoing monthly coaching program designed to help you transform as a mom and accomplish the things you’ve dreamt about your whole life. And then some.

Getting Started

Every new TML Tribe member starts out with an initial course called Cultivate where I take you on a journey through the fundamentals of the Connect Method™. Each module in Cultivate will build on the prior one to establish your new foundation.

In addition to the training content, you'll have simple step-by-step guides for each module, plus powerful worksheets that will really get inside your brain (or rather, get stuff out of your brain) and help you see things more clearly.

I’ve designed this course very intentionally to re-create for YOU the major life-altering discoveries I’ve experienced.

We'll cover things like:

It's not your kids making you yell
Where emotions come from, and how you pick the ones you want.

That's NOT Okay... Or Is It?
Learn how to neutralize the situations that used to put you over the edge.

My reaction to misbehaving is no reaction. 
How to act when kids don’t listen (without the yelling)

How to catch your kids red-handed (and accuse them)
The uncomfortable tool you’ll use every day as a transformed mom.

If you don't know how to feel emotions, how could your kids? 

Learn how to process your emotions like an adult.

Create the rules of the track... and be ready for them to be broken
How to set rules and consequences without losing the connection.

TIME IN works better than TIME OUT
Make the game so juicy that your kids will beg you to be a part of it.

Lovability and your ability to love
How to start loving your kids more... especially when it’s not easy

Cultivate Topics

Monthly Training Topics
After the initial Cultivate course you'll feel amazing, but I'm not just going to leave you on the side of the road and move on. There is so much more I want to teach you. 

TML Tribe is designed to support you as you implement all that you are learning. We are a TRIBE!

It takes time and practice to make lasting changes. That's why every month I dive deep on a topic that builds on what you learned in Cultivate

We dive deep on important and meaty topics, like:

-Self Confidence
-Emotional Adulthood
-How to Coach Yourself
-How to Connect Better with your kids
-Overcoming Upsets
-Healing Broken Relationships
  (and more)

The TML App
Because teaching and learning is such an important part of TML Tribe, I invested to create my own app (avail on iPhone and Android) where I deliver all of the training to you. 

I have to say, this app is amazing. One of the things I obsess over is how quickly you can get access to the content we’re studying. You don’t have time to search through websites and emails just to find the material. 

The TML app remembers exactly where you left off the last time (to the second) and can let you pick right back up instantly. That means you can make the most of the little slivers of time you have throughout your day to help with your transformation.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

I also host weekly LIVE coaching calls for Tribe members. It’s my favorite part of TML Tribe because it’s where we get real and work on your specific issues.

If you can’t make every live call, it’s OK. I record them and post replays in the app. 

The coaching process is simple: Moms volunteer to share specific situations they are struggling with and I coach them using the STEAR model. 

The impact is magical. Every group coaching call you will find yourself in the challenges these other moms are having. I do not require all of my members to be coached live on coaching calls, so even if you’re quietly listening in, you’ll learn from the coaching I give the other TML Tribe members who are coached.  It is powerful and fun!

We get better as a tribe every week. 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

TML Daily
I recognize the chaos you face every day, so I’ve invested a lot to make this as simple and as step-by-step as it can be. When you join Tribe, I'll help you get your Connect Method binder created, which is where you’ll keep all of the module guides and printed tools I give you. 

Then I guide you on specific routines you can do every day to stay at the top of your game

TML Daily tasks will take you about 10 minutes. Then there's a weekly 10-min review.

If you're interested, I even offer yoga and some meditation practices that are so powerful!!

The point is, I've got you covered in your transformative journey to being the most amazing mom you are capable of becoming!

They’re each designed for a different purpose, but will give you a jump start to your day and help you build important mental and emotional skills (and/or help you pull out of a tailspin if needed:).


What does TML Tribe cost?

I made a decision when I launched TML Tribe to pick a price point that would make it accessible for moms that wanted to join.  

While my 1:1 coaching packages are $2,000 and a single coaching session is $200, TML Tribe is only $49 a month

So, that’s basically my entire Connect Method, a new training topic every month, the EXPAND Choices, Stear Model, Group Coaching calls every week, the TML App and TML Daily… all for 1/4th the cost of a single 1-hr coaching session!

While I know moms tend to be much more willing to invest in a coach for their children (soccer coach, swim coach, dance coach, etc.), too many moms never think about hiring a coach for themselves. 

It’s time you have a coach for you too.

When you invest in yourself by finding a coach, your whole family will benefit.

What kind of results can I expect?

You’re daily practice with the STEAR model and Connect Method is starting to make a huge difference.

You’ll catch yourself naturally thinking more positive things about even your most difficult child, and finding empowering thoughts filling your mind where negative ones previously were.

You’ll be showing up more loving, happy and connected with your kids and the people in your life.

You’ll start to see what you’re capable of and are proud of yourself and the work you are doing.

You’ll be excited about the progress you’ve made and can’t wait to keep learning and growing for yourself and your kids. 

After 3 months…

You’ll notice you’re showing up with more curiosity and less judgement with your kids.

You’ll be loving and practicing using some new tools that are helping you not lose your temper as often.

You’ll start seeing the power of NOTICING your kids. You will begin to understand what a “reset” is and how that can help stop the typical negative consequences so many of us are addicted to because we don’t know any better. 

You won’t be freaked out when something happens that you weren’t expecting.

Using the Connect Method, you’ll really start to see shifts in your home.

After 2 months…

You’ll feel more relaxed and on fire… and perhaps a bit discombobulated. 

You’ll be going through the first part of the Cultivate course and I’ll be challenging some of your long-held beliefs about parenting. You’ll start hearing some of the revolutionary parenting concepts framed up in a way that feels true in your core.

You’ll begin to appreciate yourself and your kids in new ways. You’ll find yourself naturally drawn away from social media and toward listening and re-listening to the TML Tribe videos.
You’ll feel your old habits start to release their grip on you.

After a month…

Over time, you will master these concepts and will:

Feel confident and in control
Know how to handle any situation your kids throw at you
Stop second-guessing yourself and learn to trust your god-given instincts
Learn to take true ownership of the way you feel so you can choose how you feel no matter what the kids are doing

Stay connected to your kids
Learn to find new levels of connection with each child
Learn how to discipline your kids without losing your connection to them
Create connections that will last a lifetime. They'll call you!

Feel happy, fulfilled and impactful
Eliminate unnecessary suffering and know how to pull out of a tailspin
Learn to see and express the amazing qualities in each of your kids
Set your children up for success in their life

Create a better life

These tools will work in other settings and in your relationship with your husband, your family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Learn how to handle mess-ups
You're not going to be perfect
I give you tools or handling your mess-ups so you don't spiral back out of control
Or if you do... how you can pull out

I want you to join TML Tribe, so I’m making it verrrry simple… a “no-brainer”

Can I be direct with you?

I want to invite you to join TML Tribe... TODAY.

It’s part of my mission to help transform moms and if what I’ve been sharing is resonating with you, then I’d love to have you join. 

I feel so strongly about how much value this can create for you that I came up with a way for me to take all of the risk of showing you what value I can deliver.

Here's the scoop:

Here's how it works:

You sign up for TML Tribe today for $10. (Yes, you read that correctly, but this offer ends when the timer at the top of this page gets to zero!)

You will be a full-fledged member of TML Tribe. You’ll have 30 days to try it out before you move on to the regular $49/month investment.

During the first 30 days, you’ll have full access to the Cultivate course. You can jump on our live coaching calls where you may be able to be coached by me!

I’ll teach you the STEAR Coaching model (which can help you solve any problem), the fundamentals of energizing greatness (which will twirl your world and change your relationship with your child), how to process your emotions (something I wish we’d all learned in middle school), and all the other good stuff in the first course.

If it's not the most amazing thing you've experienced or it's not right for you for any reason, all you have to do is respond to any one of the emails you get from me and ask me to cancel your membership and I’ll take care of it right away. Easy peasy

But what I think is going to happen is that you’re going to catch a vision of what kind of mom you can be and what kind of life you can create, and you’ll realize that you can’t go back to the way things used to be. 

If you decide to stay with me in TML Tribe, we'll automatically move you to $49 per month and auto-renew your membership each month.

You can always cancel your membership any time, for any reason.  But my hope is that you’ll stay with me in TML Tribe for the next few years and together we’ll change your life and your family.


The time is now

So here you are, sitting here at this crossroad.

If you're a normal mom, you might have questions swirling in your head…

Will this actually work for me? This all sounds too good to be true… is it real? Can I afford this? Where will I find the time?

Don’t worry… it’s perfectly natural.

My advice to you is that you suspend all of the doubts and questions for a minute and just trust me

Give me a chance to show you what you are capable of as a mom. 

If you aren’t used to investing in yourself like this, it’s going to be uncomfortable.

But you are worth it. And your family is worth it.

I see a vision for you that you may not see for yourself right now. Just tell your brain to simmer down for a minute (I’ll teach you how to do this on your own very soon) and jump in with both feet.

There’s really nothing to lose here, and everything to gain.

Let’s do this, Momma.

Click the button at the top of this page that says "Join TML Tribe" and enter your information to join.

I'll talk to you soon!

Just to recap, here’s how it works:
1) You join TML Tribe today and get immediate access to the app and some introductory content
2) After 30 days you’ll move to $49/month and we’ll auto-renew your membership each month
3) You can cancel at anytime (but you won’t want to)
4) The most important part: You transform as a mom and create unbreakable connections with your kids and learn to be the mom you’ve always dreamt of being.